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Who Dares Wins

Jockey: Hollie Doyle
Trainer: Alan King
Form: 776-626007
Equipment: V
Owner: HP Racing Who Dares Wins
Weight: 9-5
Age: 9 (6 May 2012)
Official Rating: 100
Last Ran: 5 days ago
Sex: Gelding
Colour: Bay
Pedigree: Sire: Jeremy (Usa), Dam: Savignano, Dam's Sire: Polish Precedent (Usa)
Future Entries
DateCourse/Class/Type/PrizeDistPosBtnWgtGoingJockeySPEquipTypeIn Play Hi/LoORReplay
30-07-21GOO C2Hc 25.8K2M 5F7/209.359-5Gd/SftHollie Doyle22/1VF-/18.0100
19-06-21ASC C2G 35.1K2M 6F10/1526.759-5SoftTom Marquand22/10F-/16.0-
07-05-21CHS C2Hc 64.4K2M 3F12/167.059-9Gd/SftTom Marquand12/10F-/12.5103
66 day break
02-03-21NWC C2Hc 12.9K2M6/87.609-12SlowMartin Harley13/20F-/7.2104
15-02-21WOL C2Hc 11.8K2M 1F2/90.209-11SlowMartin Harley6/10F-/3.4102
06-01-21KEM C2Hc 12.3K2M6/82.759-12SlowTom Marquand20/10F-/12.0103
12-12-20NWC C2G 12.3K2M6/93.709-3SlowHayley Turner20/10F-/16.0-
21-11-20HAY C1Hc 45.6K3Mpu/1719.5011-4HeavyTom Cannon33/10H-/40.0147
92 day break
21-08-20YOR C1G2 56.7K2M7/732.009-3Gd/SftTom Marquand40/1VF-/25.0-
28-07-20GOO C1G1 142K2M7/77.209-9GoodTom Marquand80/1VF-/110.0-
20-06-20ASC C2G 22.6K2M 6F1/90.209-2Gd/SftTom Marquand1/1 f0F4.5/--
102 day break
10-03-20CHL C1Hc 61.9K3M 1F13/2343.1011-0SoftTom Cannon10/10C-/7.6147
22-02-20KEM C1G2 18.2K2M 5F1/70.7511-0Gd/SftTom Cannon10/10C20.0/--
05-01-20PLU C3 7.6K2M 4F2/40.2010-12SoftTom Bellamy2/7 f-C-/1.12-
25-11-19KEM C4 4.81K2M 2F2/70.5011-2Gd/SftTom Cannon7/2-C-/1.03-
12-10-19NMJ C2Hc 218K2M 2F7/3011.959-10SoftAngus Villiers16/10F-/22.0104
05-10-19LON 189K2M 4F4/109-2P C Boudot20/1-
77 day break
20-07-19NWB C2Hc 62.3K2M 1F4/164.809-7Gd/SftTom Marquand7/10F-/10.5104
29-06-19NWC C2Hc 92.4K2M1/190.109-1SlowTom Marquand12/10F110.0/-101
50 day break
10-05-19CHS C2Hc 92.4K2M 3F2/156.009-0HeavyTom Marquand6/10F-/5.0100
12-04-19NWB C2Hc 24.9K2M 2F3/72.859-12SoftTom Marquand8/10F-/2.02100
336 day break
11-05-18CHS C2Hc 92.9K2M 3F3/167.509-2GoodRyan Moore9/10F-/6.2100
13-04-18AIN C1Hc 42.2K2M 4F3/191.5011-11SoftWayne Hutchinson13/2 f-H-/5.0149
15-03-18CHL C1Hc 57K3M5/238.0211-6SoftWayne Hutchinson14/1-H-/4.0149
122 day break
13-11-17KEM C2Hc 11.9K2M 5F3/71.7511-6Gd/SftTom Cannon9/2-H-/1.27148
14-10-17NMJ C2Hc 156K2M 2F10/3414.309-4Gd/FrmTom Marquand7/10F-/4.797
23-09-17NMJ C2Hc 31.1K2M 2F1/201.759-0Gd/SftTom Marquand7/10F16.0/-93
02-09-17CHS C1Hc 21K1M 5F10/117.929-2GoodTom Marquand5/10F-/6.693
74 day break
20-06-17ASC C2Hc 49.8K2M 4F3/187.759-3FirmTom Marquand5/10F-/2.3693
10-05-17CHS C2Hc 73.9K2M 3F4/191.458-13Gd/FrmTom Marquand5/1-F-/5.992
56 day break
15-03-17CHL C1Hc 54.1K2M 5F3/254.5011-2GoodWayne Hutchinson33/1-H-/4.0146
09-02-17HUN C2Hc 15.6K2M 4F3/1013.7511-12Gd/SftTom Cannon10/1-H-/12.0147
54 day break
17-12-16ASC C1Hc 85.4K2M17/1949.0011-11Gd/SftWayne Hutchinson14/1-H-/15.0149
26-11-16NWB C1Hc 25.6K2M1/89.0011-10Gd/SftWayne Hutchinson4/1-H7.0/-140
12-11-16CHL C3Hc 12.5K2M 5Fur/1663.7511-12SoftWayne Hutchinson8/1-H-/10.5140
08-10-16CHP C1Hc 28.5K2M 3F4/141.7710-8GoodWayne Hutchinson6/1-H-/5.8139
Change of Owner: Mr W. H. Ponsonby to HP Racing Who Dares Wins
16-09-16NWB C2Hc 16.2K1M 4F5/53.059-4SoftP J Dobbs11/4 f-F-/2.394
12-08-16NOT C3Hc 22.6K1M 6F3/103.509-11Gd/FrmF Sweeney2/1 f-F-/3.191
31-07-16CHS C4Hc 6.23K1M 4F1/95.0010-0GoodP J Dobbs6/1-F8.8/-85
135 day break
18-03-16CHL C1 68.3K2M 1F14/1541.9511-0GoodR Johnson10/1-H-/7.0-
30-01-16CHL C1 17.1K2M 1F4/63.2011-7HeavyR Johnson13/8-H-/2.76-
12-12-15DON C1 17.1K2M 1F1/620.0011-2HeavyWayne Hutchinson3/1-H4.3/--
12-11-15LUD C4 3.9K2M1/70.7510-12Gd/SftWayne Hutchinson5/6 f-H9.0/--
Change of Stable: Richard Hannon to Alan King
09-10-15YOR C2Hc 31.1K1M 6F3/63.009-3SoftTom Marquand6/1-F-/4.485
78 day break
23-07-15SAN C3Hc 7.44K1M 6F1/60.108-8FirmTom Marquand6/1-F95.0/-77
11-07-15SAL C5Hc 3.23K1M 4F1/80.759-0Gd/FrmTom Marquand2/1 f-F12.5/-74
29-06-15WOL C6 2.26K1M 4F1/43.759-0StdTom Marquand15/8-F6.0/--
11-06-15NWB C5Hc 3.23K1M 4F3/141.009-7Gd/FrmP J Dobbs15/2-F-/8.070
25-05-15WND C5Hc 2.91K1M6/114.559-5Gd/FrmR Hughes11/4 jf-F-/3.8573
15-05-15NWB C4Hc 6.47K1M 3F12/1516.258-11GoodR Hughes16/1-F-/23.074
22-04-15EPS C4Hc 6.47K1M 1F5/101.159-2GoodS M Levey20/1-F-/10.574
10-04-15WOL C5 3.56K7F3/88.008-12StdS M Levey11/4-F-/5.7-
182 day break
10-10-14YOR C4 6.47K1M4/156.809-3Gd/SftP J Dobbs16/1-F-/9.6-
20-09-14NWB C4 5.18K7F13/158.509-5SoftS M Levey11/1-F-/11.0-

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Flat Turf36727


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