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Jockey: Miss P. Elvin
Trainer: John Joseph Hanlon, Ireland
Form: 13320-9U09
Equipment: z
Owner: T. J. McDonald
Weight: 11-10
Age: 9 (15 Apr 2012)
Official Rating: 119
Last Ran: 1 day ago
Sex: Gelding
Colour: Bay
Pedigree: Sire: Windsor Knot (Ire), Dam: Caromar (Ire), Dam's Sire: Flemensfirth (Usa)
Future Entries
DateCourse/Class/Type/PrizeDistPosBtnWgtGoingJockeySPEquipTypeIn Play Hi/LoORReplay
18-09-21NAV Hc 14.5K2M9/1415.9511-10GoodMiss P. Elvin28/1zH-/1001.0119
06-08-21WEX Hc 11K2M---Non Runner-----
03-07-21BLT Hc 40K2M 1F12/1571.3510-5GoodJ. S. McGarvey50/1zH-/75.0121
11-06-21CLO Hc 11K2Mur/1123.6211-10GoodShane Fenelon13/2zC-/9.6114
29-04-21PUN Hc 20K2M9/228.5012-0Gd/SftShane Fenelon33/1zH-/17.0121
182 day break
29-10-20CLO Hc 11K2M10/1137.5011-13SoftB. J. Cooper9/2zC-/4.3112
22-10-20THU Hc 11K2M 2F2/132.0011-13Gd/SftB. J. Cooper9/2zC-/1.55112
04-10-20TIP Hc 11K2M 1F3/71.9511-5Gd/SftJ. S. McGarvey7/2zC-/1.76111
19-09-20NAV Hc 14.5K2M 4F3/83.7510-11GoodJ. S. McGarvey7/2zC-/2.5110
03-09-20CLO Hc 11K2M1/136.0011-8GoodJ. S. McGarvey12/1zH25.0/-110
20-08-20KIL Hc 16K2M 1F---Non Runner-----
05-08-20SLI G 14.5K2M 2F6/86.2010-11GoodB. J. Cooper12/1zH-/8.0-
24-07-20COR Hc 14.5K2M6/1220.0010-13SoftB. J. Cooper15/2zH-/5.2110
04-07-20BLT Hc 11K2M 1F1/143.2511-8Gd/SftB. J. Cooper14/1zH950.0/-103
313 day break
26-08-19DPK Hc 12K2M 3Fpu/140.0011-5GoodRachael Blackmore7/1zC-/6.4111
02-08-19GAL Hc 80K2Mbd/1444.879-10GoodM. A. Enright10/1zH-/10.0105
29-07-19GAL Hc 17K2M 1F5/208.1011-8GoodRachael Blackmore14/1zH-/3.3105
58 day break
01-06-19TRA Hc 15K2M 6F5/726.5011-12GoodMr T. Hamilton9/4 fzC-/3.5109
30-05-19LIM Hc 12K2M 4F2/103.0011-12GoodMr T. Hamilton2/1 fzC-/1.66109
16-05-19CLO Hc 12K2M 1F2/122.7511-6GoodMr T. Hamilton11/4 fzH-/3.0103
13-05-19ROS Hc 16.5K2M 1F3/81.2510-10GoodB. Hayes7/1zH-/3.3103
03-05-19PUN 25K2M6/933.5511-5Gd/SftB. Hayes100/1zH-/1000.0-
26-04-19KIB Hc 12K2M 4F---Non Runner-----
14-04-19TRA Hc 12.5K2M4/522.5011-12HeavyRachael Blackmore3/1zC-/5.1109
90 day break
14-01-19PUN Hc 15K2M 4F6/1522.3511-12GoodRachael Blackmore8/1zH-/9.0104
31-12-18PUN Hc 12K2M2/94.7511-1GoodRachael Blackmore7/2 jfzC-/2.0107
06-12-18CLO Hc 11K2M 1F10/1813.5511-11SoftRachael Blackmore7/2 fzH-/4.0100
30-11-18LIM Hc 12K2M 5F2/124.2511-9Gd/SftMr M. J. O'Hare9/4 fzH-/1.54100
29-11-18THU Hc 11K2M2/130.1011-10GoodMr M. J. O'Hare10/1zH-/1.26100
12-11-18THU Hc 12K2M 2F1/103.0011-5GoodRachael Blackmore5/2 fzC9.0/-101
01-11-18CLO Hc 11K2M 4F2/124.0012-4GoodMr M. J. O'Hare16/1zH-/5.299
18-10-18TRA G 11K2M2/618.0011-10GoodRachael Blackmore25/1zC-/15.0-
01-10-18ROS Hc 15K2M 5F10/1282.0210-11GoodRachael Blackmore9/1zC-/9.0103
Change of Owner: Mr T. J.. Mcdonald to T. J. McDonald
06-09-18SED C4Hc 4.61K2M 5F4/68.2011-0Gd/FrmRachael Blackmore4/1zC-/1.81106
Change of Owner: T. J. McDonald to Mr T. J.. Mcdonald
21-08-18SLI Hc 11.5K2M7/1615.5011-11GoodRachael Blackmore10/1zH-/10.5101
06-08-18COR Hc 15K2M 3F7/249.5011-4Gd/SftB. Hayes16/1zH-/2.02101
05-08-18GAL Hc 17K2M 1F---Non Runner-----
06-07-18WEX Hc 12.5K2M 4Fpu/1446.8011-9Gd/FrmRachael Blackmore7/1-C-/65.0106
20-06-18WEX Hc 15K2M 4F6/1212.5011-3GoodB. Hayes8/1-C-/1.6107
16-06-18DPK Hc 12K2M 3FF/1273.0211-5GoodRachael Blackmore4/1-H-/5.5101
05-06-18KIB Hc 15K2M4/135.0011-5GoodRachael Blackmore5/1-H-/2.5101
18-05-18DPK 12K2M 3F1/141.5011-12GoodRachael Blackmore7/1-C9.0/--
07-05-18DOW 12K2M 4F7/731.9511-12Gd/FrmRachael Blackmore16/1-C-/13.0-
17-04-18FRY 15K2M 1F5/1426.5011-12SoftRachael Blackmore100/1-C-/36.0-
129 day break
09-12-17NAV Hc 12.5K2M 6F21/2391.9011-6SoftB. Hayes33/1-H-/60.0103
131 day break
31-07-17GAL Hc 15K2M 1F12/2034.2511-9SoftRachael Blackmore33/1-H-/50.0105
14-07-17COR 8.32K3M8/1246.5011-12GoodRachael Blackmore9/2-H-/2.0-
07-07-17WEX 11.5K2M 4F3/146.5011-12GoodRachael Blackmore7/1-H-/5.7-
18-06-17DPK 6.16K2M 3F4/525.5012-0GoodMiss E A Lalor11/4-N-/2.02-
Change of Owner: Mr P. F. McEnery to T. J. McDonald
Change of Stable: P. F. McEnery, Ireland to John Joseph Hanlon, Ireland
05-05-17COR 8.01K3M2/139.5011-12Gd/SftD E Mullins20/1-H-/1.1-
16-04-17COR 8.32K3M4/187.0011-11GoodB T O'Connell100/1-H-/3.0-
78 day break
28-01-17NAA 5.84K2M 3F11/11186.2511-12SoftB J Foley66/1-N-/110.0-

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NH Flat2000


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