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Jockey: M Guyon
Trainer: J Carvalho
Form: 344
Owner: Bb Bloodstock Gbr
Weight: 9-2
Age: 3 (6 Feb 2017)
Official Rating: -
Last Ran: 608 days ago
Sex: Colt
Colour: Bay
Pedigree: Sire: Wootton Bassett, Dam: Russian Love, Dam's Sire: Machiavellian
Future Entries
DateCourse/Class/Type/PrizeDistPosBtnWgtGoingJockeySPEquipTypeIn Play Hi/LoORReplay
16-09-20FBL 12.6K1M 7F4/129-2M Guyon4/1-
61 day break
17-07-20CHA 12.6K1M 7F4/129-2I Mendizabal10/3-
26-06-20CLA 12.6K1M 4F3/139-2I Mendizabal12/1-
457 day break
27-03-19MRA C4 4.22K2M 1F4/613.0011-0GoodDale Irving33/1-H-/10.5-
12-03-19WOL C5Hc 3.75K1M 1F11/127.958-13StdBarry McHugh8/1VF-/10.065
28-02-19NWC C4Hc 5.01K1M 2F4/74.109-2SlowJason Hart3/1VF-/3.567
53 day break
06-01-19NWC C5Hc 4.14K1M 2F4/95.509-4SlowJason Hart25/1VF-/8.070
122 day break
06-09-18CAR C5Hc 4.21K1M 3F5/147.709-7SoftConnor Beasley14/1VF-/2.072
21-08-18HAM C3Hc 15.6K1M 1F7/1412.978-12Gd/SftJamie Gormley14/1VF-/11.574
08-08-18PON C4Hc 6.47K1M3/72.509-1Gd/SftDavid Allan11/2VF-/5.274
30-06-18NWC C4Hc 8.02K1M 2F6/129.008-12SlowJoe Fanning20/1VF-/8.276
14-06-18HAY C4Hc 7.12K1M 2F6/85.309-5Gd/FrmSilvestre De Sousa9/2VF-/3.978
02-06-18MUS C5Hc 4.4K1M 1F1/109.008-11Gd/SftBen Curtis11/2VF9.2/-65
18-05-18HAM C5Hc 4.14K1M3/131.059-1Gd/FrmJamie Gormley12/1VF-/16.564
01-05-18NWC C6Hc 3.17K1M 2F4/125.759-8SlowDaniel Tudhope11/2VF-/3.266
13-03-18NWC C5Hc 3.75K1M7/105.309-0SlowP. J. McDonald14/1VF-/14.568
26-02-18WOL C5Hc 3.75K1M 4F7/820.009-2StdDougie Costello14/1VF-/16.070
22-01-18WOL C5Hc 3.75K1M 1F4/91.609-3StdP. J. McDonald7/2VF-/2.6470
02-01-18NWC C4Hc 6.08K1M6/105.128-11Std/SlowTom Eaves22/1VF-/34.072
06-12-17NWC C5Hc 2.91K1M10/1213.479-7StdP. J. McDonald9/1VF-/32.075
119 day break
09-08-17PON C4Hc 5.18K1M---Non Runner-----
31-07-17AYR C4Hc 6.47K1M4/122.509-10Gd/SftTony Hamilton10/1VF-/10.075
14-07-17YOR C4Hc 7.76K1M 2F5/88.109-6GoodJ P Spencer14/1VF-/10.077
01-07-17NWC C4Hc 6.47K1M 2F4/94.359-2SlowG Lee4/1VF-/2.577
17-06-17YOR C4Hc 7.76K1M 1F5/195.959-4Gd/FrmDavid Probert12/1VF-/8.077
01-06-17NWC C3Hc 9.7K1M4/135.008-4SlowA Mullen16/1VF-/32.077
19-05-17HAM C4Hc 5.18K1M1/60.208-12Gd/FrmG Lee3/1VF28.0/-75
24-04-17PON C4Hc 6.47K1M5/154.758-12Gd/FrmT Eaves5/1-F-/3.075
11-04-17PON C5Hc 3.88K1M1/140.759-5GoodT Eaves40/1-F290.0/-73
144 day break
18-11-16NWC C4Hc 4.85K1M 2F3/141.758-9StdG Lee9/1-F-/3.073
17-10-16PON C4Hc 5.18K1M 2F12/1327.808-12HeavyG Lee16/1-F-/13.073
26-09-16HAM C5Hc 3.88K1M3/120.959-9HeavyG Lee12/1-F-/3.072
18-08-16HAM C4Hc 7.47K1M 1F---Non Runner-----
01-08-16CAR C5Hc 3.23K1M 1F8/813.0510-4GoodMiss Emma Sayer5/1-F-/6.672
11-07-16AYR C5Hc 3.56K1M 2F2/63.009-9SoftG Lee6/1-F-/5.672
24-06-16NWC C4Hc 5.82K1M5/134.509-2StdP Mulrennan13/2-F-/6.473
11-06-16YOR C4Hc 7.76K1M 1F4/182.159-0GoodJ P Spencer8/1-F-/2.2473
26-05-16NWC C5Hc 5.18K1M 2F2/140.509-6Std/FastP Mulrennan11/2-F-/1.0269
24-04-16MUS C4Hc 5.18K1M 1F5/93.808-10Gd/FrmBarry McHugh6/1-F-/5.369
27-03-16WOL C5Hc 3.56K1M 1F2/71.759-5FastP Mulrennan15/8 f-F-/3.1568
23-02-16WOL C5Hc 3.23K1M 1F1/130.509-2FastP Mulrennan3/1 f-F6.8/-65
13-02-16WOL C6Hc 2.75K1M 1F1/103.009-5FastP Mulrennan6/4 f-F3.85/-58
26-01-16SOU C6Hc 2.59K1M2/83.009-5Std/SlowG Lee9/2-F-/1.6158
Change of Owner: Mr I. R. Clements to Mr I. R. Clements & Dr L. G. Parry
04-01-16WOL C6Hc 2.59K1M 1F1/120.209-1Std/FastP Mulrennan7/2-F8.0/-54
05-12-15WOL C6Hc 2.26K1M 1F2/90.208-12StdP McDonald7/1-F-/2.051
Change of Owner: Norcroft Park Stud to Mr I. R. Clements
Change of Stable: David C. Griffiths to Karen McLintock
23-10-15WOL C6Hc 2.59K1M 1F5/97.609-2FastD Allan9/1-F-/4.052
17-10-15WOL C6Hc 2.26K1M 1F4/101.329-2FastOisin Murphy11/1-F-/2.252
16-10-15WOL C6 2.91K1M 1F7/1311.009-2FastHarry Bentley9/1-F-/11.5-
22-09-15BEV C6Hc 2.18K1M 2F6/165.7010-6Gd/SftMr P Millman16/1-F-/9.452
29-08-15BEV C6Hc 3.23K1M 2F1/102.008-3GoodRob J Fitzpatrick7/1-F10.0/-47
18-08-15LEI C6Hc 2.91K1M 2F9/146.078-13Gd/FrmM Dwyer9/1-F-/3.047
06-08-15NWC C6Hc 2.43K1M 2F4/114.209-1GoodGeorge Buckell9/2-F-/6.247
21-07-15MUS C6Hc 2.59K1M 1F3/84.758-6GoodJoe Doyle5/1-F-/5.049
19-06-15RED C5Hc 2.91K1M 2F6/92.708-2GoodF Norton9/2-F-/5.051
11-06-15NOT C6Hc 2.26K1M 2Fpu/1231.578-13Gd/FrmJacob Butterfield8/1-F-/9.852
04-06-15HAM C6Hc 2.59K1M7/135.858-8Gd/SftD Allan12/1-F-/5.652
18-05-15SOU C6Hc 2.59K1M 3F5/1211.459-7Std/SlowM Dwyer6/1-F-/4.455
28-04-15NWC C6Hc 2.43K1M5/138.409-2Gd/SftD Allan8/1-F-/8.657
06-04-15RED C5 2.91K1M7/117.8710-0Gd/FrmJacob Butterfield50/1-F-/6.0-
564 day break
Change of Stable: Jane Chapple-Hyam to David C. Griffiths
19-09-13YAR C5 2.91K1M6/829.709-5Gd/SftIan Burns33/1-F-/15.0-
95 day break
16-06-13DON C5 3.23K6F7/1010.509-5Gd/FrmG Lee25/1-F-/48.0-

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Record (since 2013)
Race TypeStartsWins2nds3rds
Flat Turf55755


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