Horse Form

Purcell's Bridge

Jockey: William Shanahan
Trainer: Rose Dobbin
Form: P58/43-435
Owner: Mrs Rose Dobbin
Weight: 11-10
Age: 13 (8 Feb 2007)
Official Rating: 102
Last Ran: 36 days ago
Sex: Gelding
Colour: Bay
Pedigree: Sire: Trempolino (Usa), Dam: Theatrical Lady (Usa), Dam's Sire: Theatrical
Future Entries
DateCourse/Class/Type/PrizeDistPosBtnWgtGoingJockeySPEquipTypeIn Play Hi/LoORReplay
12-01-20KEL C4Hc 4.61K2M 7F5/844.0011-10HeavyWilliam Shanahan25/1-C-/10.0102
13-12-19DON C3Hc 7.02K3M3/518.2510-10SoftLorcan Murtagh6/1-C-/4.4105
02-11-19AYR C4Hc 6.11K2M 5F4/847.0011-6SoftWilliam Shanahan22/1-C-/20.0108
191 day break
25-04-19PER C4GM 3.6K3M3/611.5011-12GoodMr Nicholas Orpwood40/1-C-/7.8-
70 day break
14-02-19KEL C5GM 2.81K2M 7F4/442.0012-2GoodMr W. T. Shanahan33/1HC-/38.0-
387 day break
23-01-18WTH C4Hc 4.81K3M---Non Runner-----
51 day break
03-12-17CAR C2Hc 15.5K3M 1F8/942.8011-3SoftCraig Nichol14/1HC-/2.84112
04-11-17WTH C4Hc 3.9K3M5/1037.0011-6SoftMr D. Delahunt25/1HC-/4.6114
14-10-17HEX C4Hc 5.2K3Mpu/862.0011-12HeavyLorcan Murtagh7/1HC-/3.7115
184 day break
13-04-17WTH C3Hc 6.5K3M4/104.0010-12Gd/FrmLorcan Murtagh8/1-C-/4.0115
22-03-17HAY C4Hc 6.5K2M 7F1/65.0011-4HeavyLorcan Murtagh7/1-C11.5/-112
20-02-17CAR C4Hc 4.55K2M 4F7/827.7511-8Gd/SftLorcan Murtagh16/1HC-/11.5115
473 day break
Change of Owner: Mr James Filmer-Wilson to Mr John Dickson & Mrs Sarah Davidson
05-11-15MUS C3Hc 6.5K3M2/60.1011-4GoodG B Watters5/1-C-/3.2115
165 day break
24-05-15KEL C3Hc 9.1K3M 2F6/924.9511-4GoodG B Watters9/1-C-/6.2117
23-04-15PER C3Hc 6.96K3M2/83.7511-0Gd/SftG B Watters7/1-C-/1.89117
15-03-15CAR C3Hc 8.12K3M 2F3/82.2511-4SoftK Renwick25/1-C-/1.4117
07-03-15AYR C3Hc 7.8K3M 1F---Non Runner-----
23-01-15DON C4Hc 3.9K3M5/716.0011-11Gd/SftK Renwick9/1-C-/4.2119
01-01-15MUS C4Hc 6.5K3M1/89.0011-12SoftK Renwick5/1-C6.4/-110
29-11-14NWC C4Hc 3.77K2M 4F3/63.5011-7HeavyG B Watters4/1-C-/4.1110
23-10-14CAR C4Hc 4.22K2M 4F4/914.7511-12Gd/SftG B Watters5/2 jf-C-/3.7110
03-10-14HEX C4Hc 6.84K2M 5F2/76.0010-12Gd/FrmG B Watters9/2-C-/1.34110
129 day break
27-05-14HEX C3Hc 6.5K3M 1F3/414.0011-2SoftG B Watters9/2-C-/4.5112
08-05-14CAR C4Hc 3.77K2M 4F1/110.7511-9Gd/SftG B Watters6/1-C7.8/-105
50 day break
19-03-14HAY C4Hc 4.87K3M4/719.7511-6GoodK Renwick11/2-C-/5.1109
02-03-14SED C4Hc 4.43K3M 3F4/611.0011-12SoftK Renwick12/1-C-/2.2115
24-02-14MUS C3Hc 6.33K3M---Non Runner-----
21-01-14WTH C4Hc 3.97K2M 5F4/740.2511-10SoftK Renwick7/1-C-/7.2118
07-12-13WTH C3Hc 6.26K2M 5Fpu/842.0011-0Gd/SftK Renwick12/1-C-/15.5120
30-10-13CAR C4Hc 3.9K2M 4F8/1071.5011-12SoftMr Shaun Dobbin13/2-H-/5.8120
16-10-13WTH C3Hc 5.82K2M 6F2/73.5010-10SoftMr Shaun Dobbin7/2-H-/1.6117
170 day break
29-04-13KEL C3Hc 5.52K2M 7FF /1385.0210-13GoodMr Shaun Dobbin6/1-H-/5.0117
26-04-13PER C3Hc 5.85K3M 3F---Non Runner-----
30-03-13CAR C4Hc 6.5K3M 1F1/131.0011-7Gd/SftMr Shaun Dobbin11/2-H8.8/-109
08-03-13AYR C3Hc 5.52K3M 1F3/1318.7510-8HeavyK Renwick18/1-H-/7.0112
07-02-13DON C3Hc 5.39K3M 1F4/119.8510-11SoftMr Shaun Dobbin20/1-H-/6.0112
03-01-13AYR C3Hc 6.5K2M 4F3/619.0011-3HeavyK Renwick9/4 f-H-/2.5115
08-12-12WTH C4Hc 3.08K3M 1Fro/860.5011-7SoftMr Shaun Dobbin13/2-H-/2.1112
08-11-12MUS C3Hc 6.5K3M 1F6/99.5010-2Gd/SftK Renwick11/8 f-H-/1.3398
02-11-12WTH C4Hc 2.74K2M 6F1/147.0011-5SoftMr Shaun Dobbin10/1-H13.0/-98
27-09-12PER C4Hc 3.9K2M 5F5/1423.5011-2SoftK Renwick14/1-H-/10.5100
196 day break
15-03-12HEX C4 2.74K2M 1F8/1116.5011-1GoodK Renwick18/1-H-/11.0-
06-03-12NWC C4 2.01K2M5/1021.5011-1SoftK Renwick16/1-H-/16.5-
14-02-12AYR C4 2.53K2M6/872.2511-3HeavyK Renwick9/1-H-/11.0-
30-01-12AYR C4 2.53K2M 4F---Non Runner-----
67 day break
24-11-11UTT C6 1.37K2M5/1211.7511-0Gd/SftG Lee5/2-N-/3.7-
11-11-11NWC C6 1.56K2M---Non Runner-----
192 day break
03-05-11PUN 59K2M3/252.0510-13GoodMr J T Carroll12/1-N-/1.5-
31-03-11COR 5.52K2M4/248.7511-2Gd/SftMr J T Carroll25/1-N-/55.0-

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NH Flat3001


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