Horse Form

Priceless Gem

Jockey: Doctor S Lembethe
Trainer: James Goodman
Form: 73-085016
Equipment: B
Owner: Mr J M Goodman
Weight: 8-3
Age: 10 (4 Sep 2009)
Official Rating: 51
Last Ran: 756 days ago
Sex: Gelding
Colour: Chestnut
Pedigree: Sire: Silvano (Ger), Dam: Best Gem (Saf), Dam's Sire: Best by Test (Usa)
Future Entries
DateCourse/Class/Type/PrizeDistPosBtnWgtGoingJockeySPEquipTypeIn Play Hi/LoORReplay
24-09-17SCO Hc 2.9K1M 2F---Non Runner-----
27-08-17SCO Hc 2.79K1M 2F6/103.758-7GoodDoctor Sifiso Lembethe10/1BF51
16-08-17GRE Hc 38.7K1M 2F1/101.008-4StdDoctor S Lembethe50/1-F46
70 day break
07-06-17SCO Hc 56.9K1M---Non Runner-----
73 day break
26-03-17SCO Hc 49.5K1M 4F10/1114.558-3SoftA Mgudlwa33/1-F48
01-03-17SCO 58.8K1M 2F---Non Runner-----
15-02-17GRE Hc 49.5K1M 2F5/98.258-3StdA Mgudlwa80/1-F48
03-02-17GRE Hc 46.4K1M 2F8/910.258-3StdKhanya Sakayi40/1-F50
27-01-17GRE Hc 48.3K1M 1F12/1219.258-3StdDoctor S Lembethe14/1-F50
09-12-16GRE Hc 38.8K1M 2F3/121.908-7StdDoctor S Lembethe40/1-F50
13-11-16GRE 75K1M 2F7/115.807-12StdA Mgudlwa33/1-F50
19-10-16GRE Hc 50K1M 2F10/118.308-3StdEric Saziso Ngwane14/1-F53
09-10-16SCO Hc 57.5K1M 2F7/83.908-3GoodM Yeni33/1-F53
21-09-16GRE Hc 50K1M 2F6/123.458-3StdM Yeni18/1-F53
11-09-16GRE Hc 46.3K1M 2F3/122.558-6StdM Yeni50/1-F55
28-08-16SCO Hc 46.9K1M10/158.558-3GoodCalvin Habib80/1-F55
14-08-16SCO Hc 48.7K1M---Non Runner-----
200 day break
27-01-16GRE Hc 42.5K1M 4F/1615.708-8SoftB Jacobson66/1-F60
22-01-16GRE Hc 40K1M 1F/1117.009-4StdB Jacobson25/1-F64
08-01-16GRE Hc 46.9K1M/125.808-9StdB Jacobson50/1-F64
18-12-15GRE Hc 46.9K1M 2F/119.859-0StdBrian Nyawo100/1-F68
11-12-15GRE Hc 40K1M 2F/129.009-9StdBrian Nyawo50/1-F68
04-12-15GRE 125K1M 2F/158.358-3GoodEric Saziso Ngwane40/1-F70
22-11-15GRE Hc 54.4K1M 4F/68-8B Jacobson33/1-
04-11-15GRE Hc 46.9K1M/1213.259-3StdB Jacobson50/1-F72
78 day break
18-08-15GRE Hc 46.9K1M---Non Runner-----
04-08-15GRE Hc 47.9K1M/114.809-6StdB Jacobson33/1-F74
08-07-15SCO Hc 47.9K1M 4F/1399.009-6GoodB Jacobson10/1-F74
110 day break
20-03-15GRE Hc 51.2K1M 1F/1299.009-2GoodB Jacobson4/1-F74
13-02-15GRE Hc 47.9K1M 1F2/91.759-4StdMarco V'Rensburg14/5 f-F72
06-02-15GRE Hc 46.9K1M 1F2/90.259-5StdJose Barnes15/4-F72
25-01-15SCO Hc 42.5K1M 2F3/123.009-9GoodM Yeni15/2-F72
09-01-15GRE Hc 54.4K1M 1F2/110.508-13StdA Forbes9/1-F71
28-12-14GRE Hc 61.2K1M 1F/87.058-3GoodM Yeni14/1-F71
51 day break
07-11-14GRE Hc 42.5K1M 1F/121.109-5StdWarren Kennedy25/1-F68
28-10-14GRE Hc 51.2K1M 1F1/102.508-4StdM Yeni11/1-F63
17-10-14GRE Hc 47.9K1M 2F3/120.358-10StdA Forbes16/1-F65
03-10-14GRE Hc 43.4K1M 1F/125.309-1StdA Forbes15/2-F65
19-09-14GRE Hc 46.9K1M 1F/128-10A Forbes13/2-
26-08-14GRE Hc 52.4K1M 2F3/123.758-5StdA Forbes12/1-F64
05-08-14SCO Hc 43.4K1M 4F2/131.759-2GoodA Forbes25/1-F63
30-07-14SCO Hc 47.9K1M/1318.908-9GoodK De Melo25/1-F63
16-07-14GRE Hc 46.9K7F/108-4Warren Kennedy20/1-
18-06-14SCO Hc 47.9K7F3/135.408-9GoodWarren Kennedy14/1-F64
11-06-14GRE Hc 43.4K7F/104.809-1StdWarren Kennedy25/1-F64
09-05-14FVW Hc 40K1M 5F/148-10R Fourie16/1-
11-04-14FVW Hc 41.9K1M 1F/118-5G Wright33/1-
04-04-14FVW Hc 39.6K1M 4F2/132.508-10StdFrancois Herholdt40/1-F66
28-03-14FVW Hc 39.6K1M/169-0Anthony Andrews100/1-
07-03-14FVW Hc 39.6K7F/169-4Anthony Andrews66/1-
31-01-14FVW Hc 39.6K5F/109-5R Curling50/1-
24-01-14FVW Hc 49K6F/159-5Shannon Devoy40/1-
13-12-13FVW Hc 35.1K6F---Non Runner-----
53 day break
21-10-13ARL Hc 46.8K1M/88-6K Zechner10/1-
04-10-13ARL Hc 39.9K1M/169-6Barend Vlooh28/1-
09-09-13ARL Hc 39.9K6F/149-6Barend Vlooh7/2 f-
02-08-13ARL Hc 46.8K7F1/168-4K Zechner7/1-
19-07-13ARL Hc 38.5K1M4/169-6Barend Vlooh18/1-
08-07-13FVW Hc 39.9K7F1/160.508-9SoftBarend Vlooh13/2-F70
28-06-13ARL Hc 39.9K1M/168-8Barend Vlooh9/1-
07-06-13ARL Hc 38.5K7F1/158-10Andrew Nienaber14/1-
24-05-13ARL Hc 37.9K7F4/149-2Barend Vlooh9/2-
03-05-13FVW Hc 35.1K7F1/161.258-7GoodBarend Vlooh20/1-F65
17-04-13ARL Hc 37.9K1M 2F/168-13Nooresh Juglall16/1-
22-03-13FVW Hc 39.9K7F/168-7Nooresh Juglall25/1-
19-02-13GRE Hc 44.7K1M 1F/168-9K Jupp14/1-
05-02-13GRE 41.3K1M1/120.059-6GoodK Jupp9/2-F-
20-01-13GRE 41.3K6F/119-6K Jupp9/1-

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Record (since 2013)
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Flat Turf65856


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