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Nearest The Pin

Jockey: R M Moran
Trainer: A J Martin
Form: 4
Weight: 11-4
Age: 14 (27 May 2005)
Official Rating: -
Last Ran: 776 days ago
Sex: Gelding
Colour: Bay
Pedigree: Sire: Court Cave (Ire), Dam: Carnbelle (Ire), Dam's Sire: Electric
Future Entries
DateCourse/Class/Type/PrizeDistPosBtnWgtGoingJockeySPEquipTypeIn Play Hi/LoORReplay
01-08-17WOR C5Hc 2.86K2M 1Fpu/1148.8511-9GoodIan Popham20/1hC-/16.095
22-07-17CRT C5Hc 3.25K2M 1F---Non Runner-----
25-06-17WOR C5Hc 3.25K2M 4F7/1460.0212-0GoodIan Popham25/1hC-/11.0102
304 day break
25-08-16FNT C4Hc 4.55K2M 1F---Non Runner-----
21-07-16WOR C4Hc 3.51K2M---Non Runner-----
03-07-16MRA C4Hc 3.9K2M 1F6/817.5511-11GoodJames Banks6/1-C-/7.6103
07-06-16FNT C4Hc 4.55K2M 1F2/78.0010-9GoodJames Banks4/1-C-/3.6103
25-05-16MRA C4Hc 4.29K2M 1F5/830.0010-10Gd/SftJames Banks7/2-C-/3.15104
16-05-16KEM C4Hc 3.9K2M 5F2/137.0011-11Gd/FrmJames Banks10/1-C-/2.5104
11-05-16WOR C4Hc 3.9K2M 4F---Non Runner-----
28-03-16HUN C3Hc 6.5K2M 4Fpu/445.0010-12SoftA Tinkler10/1-C-/10.0108
21-03-16TAU C3Hc 8.23K2M 2F4/611.0010-10GoodG Sheehan4/1-C-/2.8108
24-02-16DON C6 1.87K3M 2F8/871.7512-4GoodMr Tom David28/1-C-/27.0-
07-02-16MUS C3 6K3M 3Fpu/98.7512-4Gd/SftThomas Greatrex11/2-C-/5.5-
112 day break
Change of Owner: Mrs N. Wheatley to Mr R. J. Hewitt
Change of Stable: John Joseph Hanlon, Ireland to Dai Williams
18-10-15KEM C3Hc 7.8K2M5/540.5011-12GoodR Johnson4/1-C-/5.1134
25-09-15WOR C3Hc 6.26K2M 1F4/912.5011-12GoodB Hayes12/1-C-/4.0135
08-09-15PER C3Hc 9.75K2M 4F4/516.6011-12GoodG Sheehan9/2-C-/6.4137
Change of Owner: Mrs Nanette Wheatley to Mrs N. Wheatley
30-08-15COR Hc 9.32K2M5/1221.0011-10GoodRachael Blackmore10/1-H-/7.0116
Change of Owner: Mrs N. Wheatley to Mrs Nanette Wheatley
23-08-15WOR C2Hc 12.5K2M 1F4/78.7511-8Gd/SftR Johnson5/1-C-/2.04140
Change of Owner: Mrs Nanette Wheatley to Mrs N. Wheatley
08-08-15KIB Hc 11K2M 4F5/815.2511-12Gd/SftJ J Burke14/1-C-/12.5132
03-08-15COR Hc 11.7K2M---Non Runner-----
14-07-15KIL Hc 19.5K2M 1F7/1431.0011-1GoodB Hayes33/1-C-/38.0134
254 day break
02-11-14COR Hc 32.5K3M 4Fpu/1785.7011-10SoftAndrew J McNamara20/1-C-/25.0135
25-10-14WEX Hc 16.3K2M 3F3/82.1011-9GoodAndrew J McNamara7/1-C-/1.43134
19-10-14COR Hc 32.5K2M5/1112.8011-1Gd/SftB Hayes11/1-C-/8.0135
01-10-14SLI Hc 10.9K2M 1FF/1033.5012-2GoodB Hayes6/1-C-/2.2135
Change of Owner: Mrs N. Wheatley to Mrs Nanette Wheatley
26-09-14WOR C3Hc 6.33K2M 1F1/510.0011-12GoodA P McCoy9/2-C8.6/-134
Change of Owner: Mrs Nanette Wheatley to Mrs N. Wheatley
14-09-14LIS Hc 22.1K2M 4F5/810.7511-3GoodB Hayes14/1-C-/7.4130
31-08-14COR Hc 8.63K2M4/106.7511-12Gd/FrmMr D J Benson10/1-H-/8.2116
10-08-14DPK 10.4K2M 2F4/622.5011-2HeavyB Hayes4/1-H-/2.54-
29-07-14GAL 15.3K2M 6F8/127.4011-3Gd/FrmB Hayes20/1-C-/14.0-
17-07-14KIL Hc 10.7K2M 1F5/126.9510-12Gd/FrmB Hayes14/1-H-/8.6118
24-06-14BAL Hc 10.7K2M 4F3/1313.5011-8GoodB Hayes11/1-H-/7.0118
50 day break
05-05-14DOW Hc 11.4K2M 4F5/619.6011-10Gd/FrmP Carberry5/2 f-C-/3.75132
20-04-14FRY 11.4K2M 1F4/517.7511-10Gd/SftB Hayes4/1-C-/5.8-
06-04-14FRY Hc 32.5K2M 1F6/1322.0211-10SoftB Hayes9/1-C-/3.9135
Change of Owner: Mrs N. Wheatley to Mrs Nanette Wheatley
15-03-14KEM C2Hc 24.8K2M 5F2/110.7511-12GoodB Hayes20/1-C-/1.22134
Change of Owner: Mrs Nanette Wheatley to Mrs N. Wheatley
31-01-14DUN 5.52K2M10/1123.209-12StdK J Manning9/1-F-/17.5-
129 day break
Change of Owner: Sox Syndicate to Mrs Nanette Wheatley
Change of Stable: A. J. Martin, Ireland to John Joseph Hanlon, Ireland
24-09-13BAL 5.52K2M 1F1/125.5011-12GoodB J Geraghty5/4 f-C8.6/--
30-08-13KIL 5.87K2M 1F---Non Runner-----
04-08-13GAL 9.66K2M 1F2/107.0011-12Gd/SftR Walsh11/4-C-/1.59-
17-07-13KIL 5.87K2M 1F3/146.7511-12Gd/FrmR Walsh4/1-C-/3.0-
21-06-13DOW 5.52K2M 4F3/141.8511-12Gd/FrmR Walsh2/1 f-C-/1.98-
215 day break
18-11-12CHL C1 14.2K2M---Non Runner-----
06-10-12GOW 8.28K2M 2F2/182.5011-12GoodR Walsh9/4 f-C-/1.78-
24-08-12WEX 5.52K1M 4F---Non Runner-----
23-08-12BLT 7.25K2M 1F4/96.7511-12SoftB J Geraghty5/2-H-/3.05-
05-08-12GAL 9.66K2M 1F---Non Runner-----
19-07-12KIL 5.17K1M 3F4/102.759-7Gd/SftG F Carroll6/1-F-/8.4-
07-06-12TIP 5.52K2M 4F---Non Runner-----
13-05-12KIL Hc 32.5K2M 1F14/1817.2010-9GoodAndrew J McNamara10/1-H-/12.0125
08-05-12PUN Hc 46.5K2M 5F---Non Runner-----
10-04-12FRY Hc 48.8K2M 1F---Non Runner-----
51 day break
19-02-12NAV C1 24.4K2M 1F6/624.6011-4SoftR Walsh7/4 f-C-/2.52-
52 day break
29-12-11LEO 8.97K2M 3F2/72.0011-12Gd/SftP Carberry12/1-C-/1.8-
27-11-11NAV 11K2M 1F3/1042.0011-12SoftP Carberry7/4-C-/2.88-
30-10-11WEX 6.56K2M 3F---Non Runner-----
26-10-11PUN 8.28K2M2/1110.0011-12HeavyR Walsh5/4 f-C-/1.86-
176 day break
03-05-11PUN Hc 19.5K2M2/190.259-10GoodD J Condon7/2 f-H-/1.5115
24-04-11FRY Hc 10K2M1/164.0010-6GoodP Carberry10/1-H19.0/-102
81 day break
02-02-11DOW 3.6K2M 4F3/1717.0011-4SoftP Carberry6/1-H-/3.0-
30-12-10DOW 5.18K2M4/2020.0011-4SoftR M Moran50/1-H-/23.0-
21-11-10NAV 10K2M14/1777.2511-12HeavyN P Madden33/1-H-/85.0-

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Flat Turf2000


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