Horse Form

Mr Bachster

Jockey: Mr Jacrhys Jones
Trainer: Kerry Lee
Form: 3/P544-F06P
Owner: Mr Richard Lee
Weight: 9-4
Age: 14 (10 Apr 2005)
Official Rating: 84
Last Ran: 233 days ago
Sex: Gelding
Colour: Bay
Pedigree: Sire: Bach (Ire), Dam: Warrior Princess (Ire), Dam's Sire: Mister Lord (Usa)
Future Entries
DateCourse/Class/Type/PrizeDistPosBtnWgtGoingJockeySPEquipTypeIn Play Hi/LoORReplay
28-01-19LUD C4Hc 4.74K3Mpu/1249.529-4Gd/SftMr Jacrhys Jones100/1-H-/260.087
16-12-18SOU C4Hc 3.93K2M 4F6/932.359-7SoftMr Adam O'Shea33/10H-/25.081
15-11-18LUD C4Hc 4.74K2M 5F13/1499.558-8GoodMr Jacrhys Jones100/1-H-/340.097
173 day break
26-05-18FFL C5Hc 4.16K2M 5FF/109.1010-11Gd/SftRichard Patrick16/10C-/14.584
114 day break
01-02-18TOW C5Hc 4.55K2M4/714.2511-0HeavyRichard Patrick7/10C-/4.187
15-12-17BAN C4Hc 3.9K2M 4F4/533.7511-6HeavyRichard Patrick7/10C-/3.691
11-12-17FNT C5Hc 2.47K2M 3F---Non Runner-----
16-11-17LUD C5Hc 3.74K2M 5F5/1215.2510-10GoodMr J. C. Jones33/10H-/36.084
04-10-17BAN C5Hc 3.9K2M 4Fpu/949.5011-9Gd/SftRichard Patrick10/10C-/6.096
166 day break
21-04-17FNT C5Hc 2.6K2M 1F---Non Runner-----
18-03-17FNT C5Hc 2.6K2M 1F3/59.0011-10Gd/SftMr Richard Patrick3/1-C-/2.3697
29-01-17FNT C5Hc 3.9K2M 1F1/94.5011-4HeavyRichard Patrick5/10C6.6/-91
19-12-16HER C5Hc 3.12K2M 3F6/1148.7511-6SoftP K Donovan18/1-C-/5.994
18-11-16FFL C5Hc 3.25K2M 3F3/530.2511-10SoftRichard Patrick14/1-C-/10.597
13-11-16FNT C5Hc 3.25K2M 5F---Non Runner-----
212 day break
15-04-16FNT C5Hc 3.25K2M 1Fpu/52.2511-10HeavyJ E Moore11/4-C-/2.098
11-03-16LEI C4Hc 5.2K2M3/47.0011-3HeavyJake Greenall11/2-C-/1.64100
02-03-16BAN C4Hc 6.5K2M 1F---Non Runner-----
04-02-16TOW C5Hc 3.25K2M6/1178.2511-12SoftThomas Bellamy4/1-C-/4.9100
07-01-16TOW C5Hc 3.25K2M1/63.0011-3HeavyJ E Moore12/1-C21.0/-89
21-12-15LIN C5Hc 2.6K2M---Non Runner-----
02-12-15LUD C4Hc 3.9K2M 5Fpu/740.0010-5SoftC Gethings17/2-H-/5.284
10-11-15LIN C5Hc 2.73K2M 4Fur/647.0011-0SoftJ E Moore9/4 f-C-/3.6586
06-11-15FNT C5Hc 2.47K2M 1F1/620.0010-5HeavyJ E Moore5/2 f-C3.55/-79
492 day break
Change of Stable: Richard Lee to Kerry Lee
02-07-14WOR C5Hc 2.14K2M 4F8/1237.0510-12Gd/FrmJake Greenall20/1-C-/15.085
22-06-14WOR C5Hc 2.44K2M 4F7/1257.0510-11Gd/FrmJake Greenall8/1-C-/5.085
67 day break
16-04-14SOU C4Hc 3.77K2M 5F5/731.2510-9GoodM G Nolan5/2 f-C-/1.5385
127 day break
10-12-13UTT C5Hc 2.86K2M 4F---Non Runner-----
18-11-13LEI C5Hc 2.6K2M 5F1/81.0010-10GoodJake Greenall3/1-C5.0/-78
24-10-13LUD C5Hc 3.74K2M 4F1/101.0010-4GoodMiss L Brooke6/1-C9.6/-72
10-10-13WOR C5 2.6K2M 7F2/425.0010-12GoodMiss L Brooke16/1-H-/1.35-
13-09-13BAN C5Hc 2.27K2M 4F6/1222.3510-0Gd/SftT Scudamore11/1-H-/9.674
20-08-13WOR C5Hc 2.11K2M5/1322.3510-9Gd/FrmJames Jeavons12/1-H-/16.078
01-08-13STR C5Hc 1.95K2M 7F7/930.5010-13Gd/FrmJames Jeavons12/1-H-/11.583
403 day break
Change of Owner: The Second Brayford Partnership to Mr Richard Lee
Change of Stable: Victor Dartnall to Richard Lee
24-06-12HER C5Hc 2.14K2M 1Fpu/1178.2511-10GoodD F O'Regan7/1-H-/7.093
15-05-12WNC C5Hc 1.95K2M6/1214.7511-5Gd/SftD F O'Regan11/2-H-/1.793
31-03-12UTT C5Hc 2.14K2M8/1515.7711-6Gd/SftHarry Derham7/2 f-H-/2.594
131 day break
21-11-11KEM C5Hc 2.6K2M2/712.0011-7GoodMr Ed Glassonbury4/1-H-/4.292
17-11-11HER C5Hc 1.69K2M 1F3/153.5011-9Gd/SftMr Ed Glassonbury4/1-H-/3.892
30-10-11HUN C5Hc 2.19K2M 1FF /10149.0011-12GoodA Glassonbury4/1-C-/4.692
06-10-11EXE C4Hc 2.6K2M 3F5/637.0010-11Gd/FrmA Glassonbury12/1-H-/12.095
154 day break
05-05-11NAB C5Hc 1.79K2M 1F4/1021.5011-12GoodD F O'Regan10/3-H-/1.6595
20-03-11NAB C5Hc 1.75K2M 1F2/113.0011-12Gd/SftD F O'Regan10/1-H-/1.1292
22-02-11TAU C5Hc 2.06K2M 4F8/1439.6011-12Gd/SftJack Doyle10/1-H-/5.195
28-01-11FNT C4 2.02K2M 3F6/1435.0011-5SoftMr Ed Glassonbury66/1-H-/90.0-
20-01-11TAU C4 3.43K2M 1F6/1432.5011-4Gd/SftMr Ed Glassonbury100/1-H-/90.0-
62 day break
19-11-10EXE C4 2.6K2M 1F10/1651.3510-12HeavyA Glassonbury33/1-H-/25.0-
186 day break
17-05-10NAB C6 1.75K2M 1F10/1638.6511-2GoodJack Doyle4/1-N-/3.1-

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NH Flat1000


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