Horse Form

Kilcaragh Boy

Jockey: Philip Armson
Trainer: Richard Armson
Form: 370633-8P3
Equipment: z
Owner: Mr R. J. Armson
Weight: 9-12
Age: 14 (21 Apr 2009)
Official Rating: 72
Last Ran: 1 day ago
Sex: Gelding
Colour: Bay
Pedigree: Sire: King's Theatre (Ire), Dam: Histologie (Fr), Dam's Sire: Quart De Vin (Fr)
Future Entries
DateCourse/Class/Type/PrizeDistPosBtnWgtGoingJockeySPEquipTypeIn Play Hi/LoORReplay
28-03-23HEX C5Hc 4.67K2M 4F3/1015.009-12HeavyPhilip Armson50/1zH-/9.872
22-02-23DON C5Hc 3.7K2M 3Fpu/13105.609-12GoodPhilip Armson50/1zH-/75.072
01-02-23LEI C5Hc 3.7K2M 5F8/828.009-10SoftMr Paddy Barlow100/1zH-/70.074
28-01-23UTT C5Hc 4.33K2M 4F---Non Runner-----
118 day break
02-10-22UTT C5Hc 4.68K2M---Non Runner-----
84 day break
10-07-22STR C5Hc 2.94K2M 3F---Non Runner-----
04-06-22HEX C5Hc 3.87K2M---Non Runner-----
17-05-22HEX C5Hc 4.03K2M---Non Runner-----
61 day break
17-03-22HEX C5Hc 4.03K2M 7F3/711.109-9Gd/SftPhilip Armson13/2zH-/4.173
08-02-22MRA C5Hc 3.49K2M 1F3/1212.009-9Gd/SftPhilip Armson40/1zH-/26.073
27-01-22WTH C5Hc 4.25K2M 4F---Non Runner-----
31-12-21UTT C5Hc 2.34K2M6/1312.009-9HeavyPhilip Armson40/1zH-/23.073
02-12-21MRA C5Hc 3.27K2M 7F10/1222.0010-5SoftPhilip Armson28/1zH-/42.070
17-11-21HEX C5Hc 2.72K2M 4F---Non Runner-----
05-11-21HEX C5Hc 2.72K2M7/118.249-13SoftPhilip Armson16/1zH-/5.073
122 day break
06-07-21UTT C5Hc 2.34K2M3/72.759-9SoftPhilip Armson11/1zH-/5.374
18-06-21MRA C5Hc 2.34K2M 5F5/1114.2510-3Gd/SftPhilip Armson8/1zH-/12.072
10-06-21UTT C5Hc 2.34K2M 4F---Non Runner-----
05-06-21HEX C5Hc 2.72K2M6/1111.959-13GoodPhilip Armson12/1zH-/9.074
18-05-21HEX C5Hc 2.72K2M4/123.7510-4Gd/SftPhilip Armson8/1zH-/3.573
10-04-21NWC C5Hc 2.34K2M 4F6/128.6010-1GoodPhilip Armson20/1zH-/1001.074
31-03-21HEX C5Hc 2.72K2M 4F---Non Runner-----
18-03-21HEX C5Hc 3.25K2M 7F3/815.5010-1HeavyPhilip Armson15/2zH-/2.975
90 day break
18-12-20UTT C5Hc 2.79K2M 4Fpu/1552.7510-4HeavyPhilip Armson20/1zH-/23.076
03-12-20MRA C5Hc 2.79K2M 7F---Non Runner-----
18-11-20HEX C5Hc 3.25K2M 4F5/1531.2510-3HeavyPhilip Armson6/1zH-/2.5276
25-10-20HEX C5Hc 2.79K2M 4F1/143.509-11HeavyPhilip Armson66/1zH460.0/-73
16-10-20FAK C5Hc 3.58K2M---Non Runner-----
290 day break
31-12-19UTT C5Hc 2.79K2M9/1324.809-10HeavyMr Philip Armson28/1zH-/34.077
20-12-19UTT C5Hc 2.79K2M 4F5/1133.759-13HeavyMr Philip Armson11/1zH-/6.674
03-12-19SOU C5Hc 2.79K2M 4F---Non Runner-----
58 day break
06-10-19UTT C5Hc 2.79K2M3/148.5010-4SoftMr Philip Armson11/1zH-/15.070
18-09-19KEL C5Hc 3.12K2M 2F8/1413.2710-0GoodMr Philip Armson12/1zH-/6.074
11-09-19UTT C5Hc 2.79K2M7/126.3510-0GoodMr Philip Armson16/1zH-/13.574
26-07-19UTT C5Hc 2.79K2M2/1412.009-13GoodMr Philip Armson22/1zH-/26.072
05-07-19NAB C5Hc 4.94K2M 6F5/157.759-8Gd/FrmMr Philip Armson50/1zH-/5.076
21-06-19MRA C5Hc 4.55K2M 5F6/1111.259-6GoodMr Philip Armson66/1zH-/12.575
12-06-19FNT C5Hc 3.12K2M 6F---Non Runner-----
10-05-19MRA C5Hc 3.9K2M 5FF/863.009-11GoodMr Philip Armson25/1hC-/18.569
30-03-19STR C5 3.12K2M 3F7/976.0011-1GoodMr Philip Armson150/1zH-/1000.0-
04-03-19SOU C5Hc 2.27K2M2/78.009-13GoodMr Philip Armson8/1zH-/4.167
15-02-19FAK C5Hc 4.16K2M5/718.209-9GoodMr Philip Armson25/1hH-/20.074
10-01-19LEI C4 4.16K2M 5F6/846.5011-6GoodMr Philip Armson100/1hH-/50.0-
18-12-18CAT C5Hc 3.37K2M 3Fpu/15111.009-9SoftMr Philip Armson20/1hH-/22.074
02-12-18LEI C5Hc 4.94K2M4/79.5210-0GoodMr P Armson14/1hH-/27.074
Change of Owner: Mrs N. Sheppard to Mr R. J. Armson
Change of Stable: Matt Sheppard to Richard Armson
06-11-18EXE C5Hc 3.57K2M 3F7/1840.759-11Gd/FrmMr Charlie Todd20/1zH-/10.069
23-10-18EXE C5Hc 3.43K2M 1F8/1512.309-12Gd/FrmMr Charlie Todd10/1-H-/8.071
16-10-18HER C5Hc 4.16K2M 6FF/13149.959-12GoodHugh Nugent12/1-H-/7.274
07-10-18UTT C5Hc 3.12K2M5/911.5010-2GoodHugh Nugent12/1-H-/17.072
01-10-18NAB C5Hc 4.16K2M 3F7/1617.459-13GoodHugh Nugent14/1-H-/8.074
23-09-18UTT C5Hc 4.16K2M 7F5/137.279-13GoodHugh Nugent9/10H-/10.074
11-09-18WOR C5Hc 3.12K2M 4F5/108.7510-2GoodMr Bryan Carver9/1HH-/3.9576
02-09-18WOR C5Hc 3.12K2M 7F4/1111.7510-2GoodHugh Nugent50/1HH-/11.076
23-08-18STR C5Hc 3.06K2M6/933.0010-8GoodMr Tommie M. O'Brien50/1zH-/75.082
03-08-18BAN C5Hc 3.31K2M 7F8/1222.2510-8GoodStan Sheppard66/1hH-/30.082
26-07-18WOR C5Hc 3K2M 7FF/15109.0010-13GoodMr Milo Herbert100/1+H-/100.090
15-07-18STR C5Hc 3.9K2M 3F7/880.7011-4Gd/FrmStan Sheppard11/1hH-/15.587
19-06-18STR C5Hc 3.18K2M 3F11/1436.2511-4Gd/FrmStan Sheppard12/1+H-/8.092
229 day break
Change of Owner: DHCowgill Partnership to Mrs N. Sheppard
Change of Stable: Miss D. M. O'Shea, Ireland to Matt Sheppard
02-11-17CLO Hc 11K2M 4F10/1722.2010-13SoftMr R. O. Harding16/1zH-/9.482
18-09-17GAL Hc 14K2M 1F15/1531.8010-1SoftRachael Blackmore14/1BH-/30.084
07-09-17CLO Hc 10K2M 4F5/185.5011-1GoodJ J Burke7/1BH-/3.8584
28-07-17WEX Hc 11K2M 4F10/1421.4510-10Gd/SftD Meyler14/1-H-/26.086
20-07-17KIL Hc 11.5K2M 1F7/1617.2510-12GoodJ. J. Burke8/1-H-/6.288
11-07-17ROS Hc 6.47K2M 1F4/187.2511-5Gd/SftJ J Burke9/1-H-/13.588
24-06-17GOW Hc 7.08K2M7/1511.7010-13GoodB Hayes7/1-H-/2.9289
04-06-17KIB Hc 9.24K2Mbd/1247.5010-8GoodB Hayes14/1-H-/18.090
19-05-17DPK 7.39K2M 3F10/1435.0011-12GoodRachael Blackmore12/1zC-/28.0-
08-05-17ROS 7.7K2M---Non Runner-----
21-04-17KIB Hc 6.78K3M 1F7/1632.0011-1GoodC Brassil10/1-H-/5.091
26-03-17DPK Hc 7.39K2M 3F9/1129.7710-9GoodRachael Blackmore3/1 f-H-/4.192
22-02-17PUN Hc 7.39K2M 6F6/1521.3010-10HeavyB Hayes14/1-H-/15.093
16-02-17CLO 12K2M 1Fbd/1489.7511-12HeavyRachael Blackmore40/1-C-/110.0-
149 day break
Change of Owner: Sean Gerard Duke to DHCowgill Partnership
Change of Stable: John Neilan, Ireland to Miss D. M. O'Shea, Ireland
20-09-16BAL Hc 6.15K2M6/1614.5011-4SoftJ J Slevin16/1-H-/20.094
26-08-16DOW Hc 5.54K2M13/209.8011-12GoodC Brassil6/1-H-/7.095
52 day break
05-07-16ROS Hc 5.84K2M1/180.5011-6Gd/SftC Brassil10/1-H18.0/-89
14-06-16ROS Hc 5.84K2M8/1328.4511-7SoftL P Dempsey5/1-H-/5.890
30-05-16BAL Hc 6.46K2M 1F3/151.7010-12GoodL P Dempsey9/1-H-/5.088
03-05-16BAL Hc 6.46K2M 1F6/1613.5010-13SoftC Brassil25/1-H-/30.089
208 day break
Change of Owner: Miss C. Howes to Sean Gerard Duke
Change of Stable: Paul W. Flynn, Ireland to John Neilan, Ireland
08-10-15TRA Hc 5.52K2M10/1237.7011-8GoodK C Sexton10/1-H-/12.091
02-10-15GOW Hc 5.52K2M8/2013.7511-8GoodK C Sexton10/1-H-/10.091
105 day break
19-06-15DOW Hc 6.21K2M 4F6/1719.0011-3GoodJ M Moore9/1-H-/11.093
06-06-15LIM Hc 5.52K2M 3F10/1817.3011-12GoodK C Sexton10/1-H-/19.595
230 day break
19-10-14COR Hc 5.87K2M 3F12/1927.0511-7Gd/SftK C Sexton16/1-H-/23.097
03-10-14GOW Hc 6.9K2M 4F---Non Runner-----
02-10-14CLO 5.52K2M 1F4/67.5011-4GoodMr K J Quigley9/2-H-/5.1-
23-09-14BAL Hc 5.87K2M 1F3/134.7511-5GoodMr K J Quigley33/1-H-/22.095
10-09-14GAL 6.9K2M6/712.0511-12GoodMr K J Quigley7/1-H-/8.8-
66 day break
06-07-14BLT 5.87K2M 1F6/934.2511-4Gd/FrmMr K J Quigley25/1-H-/55.0-
24-06-14BAL 5.87K2M 1F5/1129.7511-4GoodMr K J Quigley10/1-H-/13.0-

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