Horse Form

Honor Oak

Trainer: T. Hogan, Ireland
Form: 31446808
Owner: John P. Doran
Weight: 9-7
Age: 7 (22 Apr 2012)
Official Rating: -
Last Ran: 8 days ago
Sex: Filly
Colour: Grey
Pedigree: Sire: Zebedee, Dam: Ishimagic, Dam's Sire: Ishiguru (Usa)
Future Entries
DateCourse/Class/Type/PrizeDistPosBtnWgtGoingJockeySPEquipTypeIn Play Hi/LoORReplay
13-09-19LIS Hc 13K7F8/155.2510-3SoftA. J. Slattery14/1zF-/9.083
17-08-19COR Hc 25K7F12/158.759-12GoodP. A. Harnett16/1zF-/4.784
01-08-19GAL Hc 20K1M8/185.359-9Gd/FrmWilliam James Lee8/1-F-/4.585
07-07-19LIM G 20K7F6/67.059-6GoodWilliam James Lee6/1-F-/4.9-
03-06-19GOW Hc 25K7F4/112.279-9GoodWilliam James Lee11/2-F-/2.9287
02-06-19LIS Hc 20K6F4/122.959-7SoftWilliam James Lee7/1-F-/4.287
21-05-19SLI Hc 12.5K6F1/91.2510-1GoodWilliam James Lee11/4 f-F3.45/-81
17-05-19LEO Hc 18K7F3/111.359-9Gd/SftWilliam James Lee13/2-F-/2.081
05-05-19GOW Hc 25K1M4/123.209-2Gd/SftWilliam James Lee9/1-F-/6.482
27-04-19LIM Hc 25K7F4/142.209-7Gd/SftA. J. Slattery10/1-F-/8.082
20-04-19COR Hc 26K1M9/182.258-9Gd/SftA. J. Slattery14/1-F-/15.584
24-03-19NAA Hc 100K1M7/2011.509-0SoftWilliam James Lee14/1-F-/10.086
93 day break
21-12-18DUN Hc 25K7F---Non Runner-----
07-12-18DUN Hc 25K1M7/813.758-10SlowA. J. Slattery16/1-F-/9.284
16-11-18DUN G 12K7F3/81.359-10StdA. J. Slattery10/1-F-/1.94-
05-10-18DUN Hc 30K7F6/95.309-7StdWilliam James Lee6/1-F-/4.687
15-09-18LEO Hc 150K7F10/174.178-8Gd/FrmW. M. Lordan33/1-F-/34.087
01-09-18CUR Hc 100K1M15/218.448-12Gd/SftWilliam James Lee25/1-F-/10.089
24-08-18KIL G 17.5K1M4/81.209-8Gd/SftBen Martin Coen6/1-F-/1.4-
11-08-18COR Hc 25K7F3/110.609-12GoodBen Martin Coen7/1-F-/3.088
02-08-18GAL Hc 20K1M1/138.009-0HeavyWilliam James Lee11/2-F5.0/-76
31-07-18GAL Hc 17K7F2/153.509-11SoftWilliam James Lee7/1-F-/1.6176
30-06-18CUR Hc 50K7F7/1011.508-9Gd/FrmShane Foley9/1-F-/6.277
11-06-18ROS Hc 25K7F4/82.709-10Gd/FrmC. D. Hayes13/2-F-/3.278
26-05-18CUR Hc 26K6F10/135.158-8Gd/FrmC. D. Hayes11/1-F-/8.078
13-05-18LEO Hc 26K7F3/162.258-7Gd/SftC. D. Hayes8/1-F-/2.4478
10-04-18DUN Hc 11K7F1/142.509-10SlowWilliam James Lee16/1-F17.0/-70
110 day break
21-12-17DUN Hc 11K7F5/142.1010-1StdOisin James Orr11/2-F-/1001.071
08-12-17DUN Hc 11K1M6/142.1010-2SlowC. D. Hayes3/1 f-F-/2.6672
17-11-17DUN G 12K1M2/142.009-2StdC. D. Hayes8/1-F-/1.1-
28-10-17LEO Hc 17K7F2/141.509-1SoftWilliam James Lee20/1-F-/2.076
06-10-17DUN Hc 30K7F9/117.209-0StdC. D. Hayes7/1-F-/8.876
03-10-17DUN Hc 11K7F3/142.2510-1StdWilliam James Lee14/1-F-/11.076
63 day break
01-08-17GAL Hc 15K7F14/1610.359-10Gd/SftC D Hayes10/1-F-/11.076
16-07-17CUR Hc 30K1M4/71.659-2Gd/FrmC. D. Hayes4/1-F-/5.476
01-07-17CUR Hc 50K7F2/130.508-11GoodC. D. Hayes12/1-F-/3.074
11-06-17CUR Hc 9.24K7F8/148.709-0SoftC D Hayes7/1 jf-F-/5.074
28-05-17CUR Hc 29.5K1M6/203.008-4Gd/SftK J Leonard16/1-F-/42.076
20-05-17NAV Hc 15.4K1M2/134.008-8Gd/FrmS Foley7/1-F-/2.674
06-05-17COR Hc 7.39K1M2/80.109-8Gd/FrmW J Lee9/1-F-/1.0772
141 day break
16-12-16DUN Hc 6.15K7F8/143.7010-1StdS B Kelly9/2 jf-F-/4.073
07-12-16DUN Hc 5.54K1M1/141.509-13StdC P Hoban5/2 f-F3.5/-64
18-11-16DUN Hc 5.54K1M2/140.759-11StdJ J Burke8/1-F-/4.460
19-10-16NAV Hc 6.15K1M5/154.709-8SoftC P Hoban10/1-F-/2.5463
09-10-16CUR Hc 7.38K1M11/1420.558-13Gd/SftK J Leonard10/1-F-/11.064
22-09-16CUR Hc 6.15K1M 2F4/153.959-10Gd/SftK J Leonard10/1-F-/1.2965
13-09-16LIS Hc 12.3K1M6/618.258-4HeavyC D Hayes6/1-F-/4.566
05-09-16GAL Hc 6.77K1M1/130.109-0SoftC D Hayes14/1-F16.0/-60
27-07-16GAL Hc 9.23K1M 1F7/177.409-5Gd/SftR P Downey50/1-F-/20.061
14-07-16LEO Hc 6.15K1M 2F12/1218.909-1Gd/FrmP J Smullen8/1-F-/7.462
30-06-16TIP Hc 7.69K1M 1F3/95.258-10HeavyR P Whelan10/1-F-/16.564
29-06-16FRY Hc 6.15K1M 2F---Non Runner-----
17-06-16LIM Hc 5.84K1M 3F6/135.009-13GoodI T Queally10/1-F-/3.2563
10-05-16TIP Hc 6.15K1M 1F11/1329.259-6Gd/SftW M Lordan7/2-F-/2.9862
05-05-16CLO Hc 5.54K1M 2F2/150.509-11GoodS Corby8/1-F-/1.6662
24-04-16GOW Hc 6.15K1M5/161.859-12GoodS Corby7/1-F-/9.462
58 day break
26-02-16DUN Hc 5.52K1M 3F9/1412.909-13StdW M Lordan7/1-F-/7.063
08-01-16DUN Hc 5.52K1M 3F2/141.509-10StdS Corby14/1-F-/2.163
27-11-15DUN Hc 5.52K1M 3F10/1411.209-11StdE J McNamara13/2-F-/2.6863
30-10-15DUN Hc 6.21K1M 3F4/132.359-5StdS Foley13/8 f-F-/1.3363
16-10-15DUN Hc 5.52K1M 3F1/144.508-13StdS Foley8/1-F30.0/-51
10-10-15LIM Hc 5.52K1M 3F5/141.128-12SoftW M Lordan8/1-F-/1.6351
Change of Owner: Mr T. J. Doran to John P. Doran
24-09-15COR 7.59K1M 4F8/1427.509-0HeavyS Foley40/1-F-/55.0-
29-08-15WEX 8.97K1M 1F6/1016.529-0GoodS Foley25/1-F-/42.0-
21-08-15KIL 8.97K1M 3F4/716.009-0GoodS Foley20/1-F-/4.0-

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Record (since 2015)
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Flat Turf63696


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