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Jockey: L P Keniry
Trainer: S Kirk
Weight: 9-5
Age: 16 (17 Feb 2004)
Official Rating: -
Last Ran: 
Sex: Gelding
Pedigree: Sire: , Dam: , Dam's Sire: 
Future Entries
DateCourse/Class/Type/PrizeDistPosBtnWgtGoingJockeySPEquipTypeIn Play Hi/LoORReplay
15-08-12SOU C5Hc 2.26K6F7/88-8David Kenny28/1-
25-07-12LIN C5Hc 2.39K6F8/119-2Kirsty Milczarek50/1-
16-07-12SOU C5Hc 2.59K6F---Non Runner-----
10-07-12SOU C5Hc 2.26K6F8/99-8Kirsty Milczarek20/1-
04-07-12KEM C5Hc 2.26K6F8/88-12Noel Garbutt25/1-
12-06-12LIN C6Hc 1.7K5F10/109-7David Kenny25/1-
29-05-12LIN C6 1.7K7F6/89-1Simon Pearce16/1-
08-05-12SOU C5Hc 2.26K7F9/119-0Kirsty Milczarek14/1-
24-04-12SOU C4Hc 4.08K6F4/98-7Kirsty Milczarek14/1-
17-04-12SOU C6 1.7K6F2/69-4L P Keniry16/1-
10-04-12SOU C6 1.7K6F5/69-2L P Keniry12/1-
03-04-12SOU C5Hc 2.26K6F3/99-1Hayley Turner15/2-
14-03-12SOU C6Hc 1.7K6F2/89-13Hayley Turner3/1-
06-03-12SOU C6Hc 1.7K6F1/89-7Hayley Turner5/1-
24-02-12WOL C6Hc 1.7K5F9/119-4Lucy K Barry33/1-
24-01-12SOU C6Hc 1.7K1M9/149-6P McDonald14/1-
10-01-12SOU C5Hc 2.26K7F5/108-11Hayley Turner10/1-
08-01-12SOU C5Hc 2.52K6F7/118-11Hayley Turner4/1-
02-01-12SOU C5Hc 2.26K6F4/129-2Hayley Turner6/1-
22-12-11SOU C5Hc 2.39K7F3/139-3Hayley Turner14/1-
13-12-11SOU C5Hc 2.26K6F10/149-2S W Kelly14/1-
22-11-11SOU C6Hc 1.7K6F3/119-6Barry McHugh10/1-
15-11-11SOU C6Hc 1.7K6F1/139-2Kirsty Milczarek15/2-
04-11-11WOL C5Hc 2.52K6F10/129-0Matthew Davies18/1-
22-10-11WOL C5Hc 1.94K6F6/98-11Kirsty Milczarek33/1-
09-09-11WOL C5Hc 2.52K6F13/139-4Lucy K Barry12/1-
03-09-11THI C5Hc 2.91K6F6/138-10P McDonald18/1-
12-08-11KEM C5Hc 2.52K5F8/99-3J P Fahy7/1-
09-08-11NOT C6Hc 1.94K6F2/109-10Hayley Turner12/1-
25-07-11YAR C6Hc 1.62K5F7/99-9P Cosgrave16/1-
16-07-11LIN C6Hc 1.53K6F9/119-11James P Sullivan8/1-
14-07-11DON C6Hc 2.73K5F4/710-0Matthew Lawson11/2-
05-07-11SOU C5Hc 2.11K6F3/139-10James Doyle16/1-
27-06-11WOL C6 1.71K5F---Non Runner-----
06-06-11PON C5Hc 2.39K6F8/109-10T Eaves9/1-
02-06-11SOU C5Hc 2.27K7F5/119-3James Doyle25/1-
18-05-11LIN C6 1.71K6F3/69-11Hayley Turner2/1 f-
09-05-11WOL C6 1.71K5F5/79-4M Harley20/1-
25-04-11WAR C5Hc 4.53K6F9/149-3M Harley16/1-
18-04-11WND C5Hc 2.27K6F---Non Runner-----
16-04-11LEI C4Hc 2.59K6F9/148-10Hayley Turner40/1-
07-04-11KEM C4Hc 3.69K6F9/98-12Hayley Turner25/1-
31-03-11WOL C4Hc 3.24K6F9/118-12Hayley Turner16/1-
17-02-11SOU C5Hc 1.91K7F6/79-11Hayley Turner5/1-
08-02-11SOU C4Hc 2.91K6F1/89-0Hayley Turner2/1 f-
30-01-11KEM C6 1.54K6F---Non Runner-----
27-01-11SOU C6 1.54K6F1/69-4Hayley Turner5/2-
21-01-11LIN C6 1.57K6F2/58-13Hayley Turner2/1-
18-01-11WOL C5Hc 2.2K6F5/119-4Hayley Turner10/1-
12-01-11LIN C5Hc 2.05K6F8/89-4R Winston15/2-
07-01-11WOL C5 2.07K5F2/59-3Hayley Turner7/4-
04-01-11KEM C5Hc 2.39K5F4/89-5Hayley Turner10/1-
27-12-10SOU C6 1.71K5F5/98-13Hayley Turner6/1-
22-12-10KEM C4Hc 3.89K5F9/99-0Nora Looby14/1-
18-11-10WOL C5Hc 2.59K5F---Non Runner-----
04-11-10LIN C4Hc 3.56K6F3/119-0Hayley Turner5/1-
19-10-10LIN C5Hc 2.39K6F1/119-6James Doyle6/1-
16-10-10WOL C6 1.71K5F2/88-11L P Keniry5/1-
07-10-10WOL C5Hc 2.12K5F5/129-6R Hughes11/2-
25-09-10WOL C5 2.46K5F2/68-8L P Keniry13/2-
22-09-10GOO C5 2.59K5F3/119-6E J McNamara10/1-
20-08-10SAN C5 3.24K5F---Non Runner-----
17-08-10BRI C6 1.55K5F2/99-9L P Keniry12/1-
29-07-10NOT C5 2.27K5F7/89-4James Doyle25/1-
15-07-10BAT C5 3.24K5F8/109-10C Catlin20/1-
12-07-10WND C5 2.73K5F9/910-0R J Rowe20/1-
13-06-10SAL C4 4.86K5F---Non Runner-----
300 day break
17-08-09WND C4 5.18K5F---Non Runner-----
12-08-09SAN C4 4.86K5F9/129-6James Doyle10/1-
02-08-09NWB C4 4.86K5F---Non Runner-----
06-07-09WND C4 5.18K5F9/109-9James Doyle14/1-
03-07-09SAN C3 7.77K5F---Non Runner-----
22-06-09LIN C3 8.42K5F7/109-7James Doyle12/1-
06-06-09EPS C2 46.7K5F16/188-4R Kingscote40/1-
30-05-09GOO C2 11.2K6F---Non Runner-----
06-05-09CHS C2 13.9K5F11/128-9R Hughes12/1-
02-05-09GOO C3 7.77K5F4/99-2R Kingscote17/2-
17-04-09NWB C2 11.2K5F11/138-4Catherine Gannon80/1-

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