Horse Form

Archie Rice

Jockey: Will Kennedy
Trainer: Jimmy Frost
Form: 41364/36P-P
Owner: Frost Racing Club
Weight: 11-5
Age: 15 (8 Mar 2006)
Official Rating: 98
Last Ran: 1167 days ago
Sex: Gelding
Colour: Bay
Pedigree: Sire: Arch (Usa), Dam: Gold Bowl (Usa), Dam's Sire: Seeking the Gold (Usa)
Future Entries
DateCourse/Class/Type/PrizeDistPosBtnWgtGoingJockeySPEquipTypeIn Play Hi/LoORReplay
15-08-18NAB C4Hc 5K2M 1Fpu/1465.5511-5GoodWill Kennedy40/1-H-/60.098
317 day break
02-10-17NAB C4Hc 3.9K2M 6Fpu/775.0010-8HeavyBryony Frost25/1-H-/38.0100
71 day break
23-07-17NAB C4Hc 5.09K3M 2F6/815.4711-4Gd/SftBryony Frost10/1-H-/9.0101
27-06-17NAB C4Hc 4.71K3M 2F3/84.5010-12GoodBryony Frost14/1-H-/3.5101
230 day break
09-11-16EXE C4 4.55K2M 3F4/543.7511-2GoodBryony Frost40/1-C-/95.0-
54 day break
16-09-16NAB C4Hc 4.55K3M 2F6/1017.0011-2GoodBryony Frost12/1-H-/8.0102
25-08-16FNT C4Hc 3.9K2M 6F3/64.0010-12GoodBryony Frost10/1-H-/2.98102
17-07-16NAB C4Hc 5.2K3M 2F1/94.0010-2Gd/FrmHarry Cobden14/1-H23.0/-96
01-07-16NAB C5Hc 3.9K2M 6F4/96.7511-9Gd/FrmBryony Frost11/2-H-/6.697
197 day break
17-12-15EXE C5Hc 2.18K2M 6Fpu/1354.3511-12HeavyBryony Frost16/1-H-/22.0100
02-12-15LUD C4 3.9K2M6/1526.0010-10SoftBryony Frost8/1-H-/8.6-
25-10-15WNC C4Hc 3.25K2M 5F9/1131.6011-7GoodBryony Frost25/1-H-/23.0105
28-09-15NAB C4Hc 3.9K2M 6F5/830.0011-4GoodBryony Frost15/2-H-/8.0106
50 day break
09-08-15WND C5Hc 3.12K1M 4F6/822.7710-8Gd/FrmBryony Frost10/1-F-/7.060
19-07-15NAB C3Hc 7.91K2M 3F5/911.2510-2GoodBryony Frost4/1-H-/6.0106
23-06-15NAB C4Hc 3.74K2M 3F1/164.5011-7Gd/FrmBryony Frost9/2-H6.4/-100
09-06-15FNT C5Hc 2.34K2M 6F1/138.0011-9GoodBryony Frost8/1-H10.5/-93
70 day break
31-03-15EXE C5 2.27K2M 3F3/98.0211-1GoodHadden Frost6/1-H-/9.8-
17-03-15EXE C5 2.27K2M 1F2/715.0011-0SoftBryony Frost7/1-H-/7.0-
242 day break
Change of Owner: Mrs H. Keddy to Frost Racing Club
Change of Stable: Tom Keddy to Jimmy Frost
18-07-14NMJ C5Hc 3.88K1M 2F7/834.459-3GoodRyan Tate33/1-F-/44.063
21-06-14NMJ C5Hc 3.88K1M 5F6/751.508-11Gd/FrmR Clark28/1-F-/8.066
09-06-14WND C5 2.59K1M 2F6/812.459-9Gd/FrmRobert Tart25/1-F-/70.0-
01-05-14LIN C5Hc 3.23K1M 2F9/115.909-4FastRobert Tart12/1-F-/13.072
102 day break
19-01-14KEM C5Hc 2.75K1M 3F9/136.329-8StdRobert Tart11/1-F-/11.073
11-01-14LIN C5Hc 3.07K1M 2F1/100.059-3StdRobert Tart9/2-F15.5/-71
06-12-13LIN C5Hc 2.73K1M 2F5/122.909-3Std/FastRobert Tart10/1-F-/11.071
20-11-13KEM C5Hc 2.59K1M 2F3/141.559-5FastRobert Tart33/1-F-/55.071
31-10-13LIN C5Hc 2.73K1M 2F---Non Runner-----
99 day break
24-07-13SAN C5Hc 3.23K1M 2F6/616.009-9Gd/FrmRoss Atkinson33/1-F-/46.072
01-07-13PON C5Hc 3.12K1M 2F11/1120.9010-7GoodMiss K Margarson50/1-F-/46.074
461 day break
Change of Owner: Mr Andrew Duffield to Mrs H. Keddy
27-03-12HER C4 3.25K2M 1F3/727.0011-0GoodMatt Crawley9/1-H-/5.1-
16-03-12FAK C4 2.92K2M2/110.2511-3GoodJack Quinlan6/1-H-/1.92-
11-02-12LIN C3Hc 6.79K1M 2F6/78.259-0Std/FastRyan D Clark6/1-F-/6.480
04-02-12WOL C4Hc 4.21K1M 1F6/98.359-3SlowJ P Spencer11/4 f-F-/2.580
19-01-12WOL C4Hc 4.21K1M 1F1/131.259-4StdRyan D Clark16/1-F30.0/-76
04-01-12LIN C4Hc 4.53K1M 2F11/136.809-2FastRyan D Clark9/1-F-/11.076
19-12-11WOL C5Hc 2.18K1M 1F1/131.0011-0StdMr S Walker10/11 f-F2.88/-69
12-12-11WOL C5Hc 2.26K1M 1F1/83.259-3StdDanny Brock9/2-F5.6/-69
02-12-11WOL C6Hc 1.7K1M 1F1/121.009-6StdM J J Murphy13/2-F9.0/-64
23-11-11LIN C6Hc 1.58K1M 2F4/133.059-9FastJ Quinn10/1-F-/5.264
12-11-11CHL C3Hc 6.26K2M 1F---Non Runner-----
10-11-11KEM C5Hc 2.26K1M 4F6/148.559-5Std/FastJ Quinn20/1-F-/13.066
59 day break
12-09-11KEM C5Hc 2.26K1M 3F10/1318.259-5StdG Baker20/1-F-/17.067
29-08-11WAR C4Hc 4.08K1M 3F12/1314.359-0GoodJ Quinn50/1-F-/30.066
27-08-11WND C5Hc 2.96K1M 4F---Non Runner-----
20-08-11SAN C4Hc 5.18K1M 2F---Non Runner-----
28-07-11STR C4 3.25K2M 3F4/1146.0011-0Gd/FrmJack Quinlan9/2-H-/4.6-
20-07-11SAN C4Hc 4.08K1M 6F---Non Runner-----
05-07-11UTT C4 2.21K2M3/77.7510-12GoodMatt Crawley6/4-H-/1.56-
21-06-11BEV C4Hc 4.21K1M 2F5/78.359-0GoodS De Sousa8/1-F-/10.069
11-06-11LIN C5Hc 3.07K1M 2F1/90.259-7StdG Baker15/2-F9.4/-66
06-06-11WND C4Hc 3.56K1M 2F---Non Runner-----
26-05-11SAN C5Hc 2.59K1M 2F10/1220.329-0Gd/SftL Dettori10/1-F-/5.067
12-05-11NMJ C5Hc 2.59K1M 2F---Non Runner-----
29-04-11DON C4Hc 3.75K1M 4F6/736.758-9FirmT Eaves6/1-F-/4.568
17-04-11WTH C4 2.4K2M 1F2/90.7510-12Gd/FrmMatt Crawley7/2-H-/3.4-
21-03-11LIN C5 2.06K2M 1F3/208.7511-0Gd/SftT J Murphy11/4 f-H-/1.9-
06-03-11HUN C4 2.6K2M 1F4/158.0011-1Gd/SftMatt Crawley14/1-H-/14.0-
12-02-11NWB C3 5.2K2M 1F4/740.0011-2Gd/SftPaul Moloney40/1-H-/60.0-
27-01-11KEM C5Hc 2.05K1M 4F3/65.009-3Std/FastRyan D Clark7/2-F-/3.668
14-01-11LIN C5Hc 2.05K1M 4F2/94.509-10StdG Baker2/1 f-F-/2.068
15-12-10LIN C5Hc 2.39K1M 4F1/63.509-1StdRyan D Clark11/4-F4.8/-66
08-12-10LIN C5Hc 2.39K1M 4F2/110.509-5StdJ Quinn13/2-F-/1.1465
04-12-10KEM C5Hc 2.39K1M 3F2/93.008-11StdR Havlin7/1-F-/2.7265
15-11-10WOL C5Hc 2.01K1M 4F5/66.559-2StdS Donohoe6/1-F-/5.067
21-10-10KEM C4Hc 3.56K1M 4F5/97.059-2FastS Donohoe50/1-F-/17.570
04-10-10WND C5 2.29K1M 4F11/1322.159-9SoftS Donohoe20/1-F-/26.072
18-09-10NMJ C4 5.18K1M 4F3/85.008-13Gd/FrmT P Queally33/1-F-/23.0-
08-09-10DON C5 6.48K1M7/167.3511-7GoodJohn Francome20/1-F-/17.0-
21-08-10SAN C4 4.53K1M 2F10/1118.459-6Gd/FrmT Eaves16/1-F-/28.072
09-08-10WND C5 2.59K1M 4F5/86.6010-0Gd/FrmS J Drowne8/1-F-/5.375
31-07-10NMJ C3 9.07K1M 2F5/107.259-0Gd/FrmDane O'Neill20/1-F-/14.076
23-07-10NMJ C3 7.77K1M 4F---Non Runner-----
14-07-10KEM C4 3.89K1M 3F5/74.259-8StdAdam Beschizza9/2-F-/2.3276
28-06-10WND C4 4.86K1M 2F1/72.009-6Gd/FrmS J Drowne8/1-F11.0/-72
11-06-10YOR C4 6.8K1M 1F18/1925.059-2GoodJ Quinn20/1-F-/18.573
03-06-10SAN C4 4.53K1M 2F3/131.859-2Gd/FrmJ Fortune16/1-F-/3.273
28-05-10NMJ C4 5.18K1M 2F6/77.008-10Gd/FrmSaleem Golam17/2-F-/12.073
14-05-10NMJ C5 3.89K1M 2F3/122.759-1Gd/FrmSaleem Golam20/1-F-/10.072
14-04-10KEM C4 4.21K7F10/107.258-10Std/FastL P Keniry25/1-F-/27.077
26-03-10LIN C4 4.21K6F7/910.508-13StdL P Keniry10/1-F-/12.580
163 day break
14-10-09KEM C4 4.73K1M---Non Runner-----
11-10-09LIN C3 8.87K7F10/134.508-6StdLiam Jones20/1-F-/29.082
11-09-09SAN C3 7.77K1M9/1013.709-1Gd/FrmA Munro20/1-F-/34.086
29-08-09NMJ C3 9.07K7F5/124.809-9Gd/FrmA Munro22/1-F-/23.087
50 day break
10-07-09NMJ C2 24.9K1M10/1015.409-2Gd/FrmA Munro14/1-F-/18.090
05-06-09EPS C2 12.5K7F8/153.609-9GoodA Munro33/1-F-/50.092
15-05-09NMJ C3 9.71K6F8/817.809-4Gd/FrmA Munro9/2-F-/5.295
216 day break
11-10-08ASC G3 28.4K5F6/194.809-0GoodAlan Munro25/1-F-/1001.0-
19-09-08NMJ 5.18K6F1/180.109-3Gd/FrmAlan Munro4/1-F14.5/--
56 day break
25-07-08YOR 6.48K7F5/104.059-3Gd/FrmAlan Munro7/1-F-/6.0-

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Record (since 2008)
Race TypeStartsWins2nds3rds
Flat Turf56935


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